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Ask retired boxer Vinny Paz about his life and he doesn’t hesitate to answer: ‘I’ve been lucky,’ he says – something of an understatement.

Paz, now 53, had two world championship titles under his belt when he broke his neck in a head-on car crash in 1991. He wasn’t expected to walk again, let alone return to the ring.

But he ignored all medical advice and – while wearing a steel halo secured by four bolts screwed into his skull – secretly started working out.

A year later the ‘Pazmanian Devil’ defied all the odds to beat Luis Santana over 12 nail-biting rounds.
The fight – considered to be the greatest comeback in boxing history – is at the center of one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year.

Tough-as-nails Paz, who refused to take pain killers even when doctors removed the bolts from his head, admits he cried non-stop throughout the upcoming film Bleed For This, where Miles Teller stars as the boxer.

And even though the movie ends on a sporting high note, Paz tells that his life has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs ever since the comeback.

He also reveals that the movie’s title not only refers to the amount of blood splattered across himself and his opponents, but also the advice from his Italian immigrant dad Angelo Pazienza when he discovered Paz’s gambling debts.

‘Pa would say, “Champ, you can’t be blowing your money like this, you bleed for this money”,’ Paz says. ‘Pa always called me Champ, from the age of five when I started boxing.

‘He was tough. He was a hustler and a gambler, so he knew what he was talking about.

‘I have won maybe a couple of million dollars gambling but I blew $4 or $5 million. The most I ever lost in a single night was $200,000.

‘It’s hard to control. I don’t gamble now. I learned my lesson. I don’t drive no more either because I like to drink. So after a couple of DUIs I got rid of the car. I will never drive again.’

For someone who no longer gambles and has racked up numerous alcohol-related arrests, Paz is excited about two upcoming projects: He is planning a move to Las Vegas and is in the midst of launching his own wine.

As for the upcoming movie – out November 18 – about his life, film makers, led by executive producer Martin Scorsese, paid 53-year-old Paz $100,000 for his life story, and he has also invested a small stake in the movie.

Head over to Daily Mail to read the full article!

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Thanks to the awesome Carol, I have added 113 high quality photos of Miles attending the MTV Movie Awards. Enjoy!

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It’s no secret that many millennials are struggling in today’s not-so-hot job market. The post-graduate identity crisis is alive and well in the upcoming film Get A Job, which stars Miles Teller as Will, a recent grad who hasn’t quite figured out how this whole “career” thing is supposed to go down. For Will, getting that first job out of the gate isn’t the entire problem: it’s also about keeping said job. That’s a lot easier said than done, especially because Will’s personality doesn’t exactly mesh with the “suit and tie” vibe of his super strict office. Joking around with his co-workers seems to work for Will at first, but his goofing off is shut down when his super strict boss comes back to the office to lay down the law. Whether or not you’re a tie-wearer, you’ll totally cringe for Will.

Will’s boss Katherine, played by Marcia Gay Harden, has seemingly borrowed her intimidation tactics from The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly. (Maybe they go to the same seminars?) Just like Miranda did with poor Andy, Katherine rips apart Will’s wardrobe, criticizing his khakis, white tee, and sneakers. Should Will be wearing any of these things in his seemingly buttoned-up office environment? Likely not. Should he send “Reply All” emails with the words “birthday spanking” in them? Definitely not. But despite Will’s obvious office faux pas, watching him get called out on these things in the middle of a meeting will make you want to shut your eyes and wait for the horror to be over.

Check out the exclusive clip from Get A Job below, and maybe think twice about hitting “Reply All” on that email chain…

Get A Job hits theaters and onDemand on March 25.


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