Leia Buns

Leia Buns

USD 33.87

Add this final detail to your Princess Leia costume to get that traditional Leia look! Headband with attached natural-looking hair buns that cover the ears.

How to Do Princess Leia Hair. Princess Leia is a popular character from the Star Wars franchise. Recreating her famous buns is easier if you have long hair, but it is still possible if you have shorter hair. If cinnamon buns aren't your. Fans have been lining up for weeks to see the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. Since the series' inception in 1977, few movies have held up to its mind-blowing special effects and classic characters like Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO . Halloween Hair Tutorial: Princess Leia Buns. by Katie Earney October 19, 2015. Halloween is almost here! Which means it's time to choose the perfect costume. Product Description Headband with natural hair buns attached for that tradional Leia look. Today I offer you: DIY Princess Leia buns! But before you get the wrong idea, let me be clear: theseā€¦

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